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The Rig Fix Micro™️

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Not quick adjusting or for heavier loads like the original Rig Fix™️. The Rig Fix Micro™️ was designed to be a low profile, breathable solution for lighter chest rigs and loadouts. Also works well for covert operations and has a slimer profile than the Original Rig Fix™️. Similar in name but intended for different missions. The Rig Fix Micro™️ Fits Micro 3 or 4 cell type chest rigs up to and includes mk3,mk4,mk5 type,  Mayflower type or Haley strategic type chest rigs. One size fits most Small - XL. Berry complaint milspec material and hardware fits into industry standard one inch female clips. If you are plus size or obese wait until the Rig Fix Micro™️ Xl launches 

One size fits most