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Tri spectrum Cloak

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In these photos its a 25 degree freezing night to show the tri spectrum cloak in the worst case scenarihio where there aren't any competing heat signatures against a gen 3 pvs 14 and pas 29 ecoti in patrol mode
7 S of effective camouflage
My tri spectrum cloak helps with the shape,shade and Silhouette of the camouflage formula in the visible spectrum, invisible spectrum and the thermal spectrum
The best way to defeat thermal is to never be in direct sight of the device. The whole idea of my smock is to give you a edge against thermal devices. But if you don't have a good approach or camouflage theory there's no product that will cover bad training or tactics. Showcased is the Face and hands verse the body. With my cloak you can see the body slipping into the background. Stacking foliage, cover, physical terrain and this cloak between you and the thermal device is the best way to defeat and hide from thermal.


1st photo is gen 3 pvs14 and thermal device on no cloak

2nd photo is no thermal device and just a gen 3 pvs14

3rd photo is gen 3 pvs14 plus thermal device 

4th photo is gen 3 pvs14 plus thermal device standing to show how the hands legs and face contrast with the body that is covered with the cloak



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